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Response to seeking qualified consulting companies for upgrading their Hyperion EPM environment to a hosted solution and providing support for said solution. We recently completed for The National American Red Cross (ARC) in Oracle’s Managed Services platform (hosted solution) to make significant transitions, both The House and ARC could make as an organizations for their EPM platforms further assisting a shift from utilizing older technologies for financial planning and budget analysis to the power of full automation and the broad functionality that the Oracle Hyperion suite of products can provide.


A prevailing theme of our approach is managing implementation risk. This proposal provides an overview of our understanding, our proposed implementation approach, and a description of our systems implementation methodology in addition to the specific requests made by the RFP.


Comprobase believes end-user adoption of new systems and processes is the best way to measure implementation or upgrade success. Something to consider is how Comprobase has unique experience with customers is that our Hyperion practice assists its PeopleSoft practice by debriefings on how clients needed special attention from the introduction of software automation that changed the CFO’s office operations forever.



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